Promoting Work


Passed in the 4th University Administration Meeting held during the second semester of 1998 Academic Year on April 21, 1999.   

Passed in the1st Provisional University Affairs Meeting held during the second semester of 1998 Academic Year on June 3, 1999. 

Article One

In respond to the needs of water resources conservation and sustainable development, the “Water Resources Conservation and Development Research Center (Referred to as “the Center”) is established based on Article 26 of National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology Organization Bylaws.

Article Two

 Missions of the Center are:

  [1] Engaging in Scientific, Technological and Policy Research on Water Resources Conservation and Development.
  [2] Sponsoring Special Projects Relevant to Water Resources Conservation and Development

  [3] Engaging Extension, Education and Implementation of Water Resources Conservation and Development.

  [4] Holding Workshops, Training Sessions and Seminars Relevant to Water resources Conservation and Development.

  [5] Promoting Inter-Educational Institute Research Cooperation on Water Resources Conservation and Development.

  [6] Sponsoring Other Activities Relevant to Water Resources Conservation and Development.

Article Three

    The Center engages in multiple research activities across various departments and fields thus will coordinate and combine expertise, manpower, equipment and facilities available in the various colleges and departments to cooperate and assist one another for completing the Center’s mission.

Article Four

   The Center establishes Planning Division, Information Division and Implementation and Extension Division.

Article Five

   The Center is headed by one Director who is responsible for caring the Center’s overall business.  The University President appoints the Director, selected among the University’s faculty with associate professor ranking or above, for a three-year term not to exceed two consecutive terms.  Division Heads, to be held as part-time posts by the selected University’s faculty with assistant professor ranking or above, are recommended by the Center Director and approved by the University President.

Article Six

The Center establishes a counselor committee with members served by national and international scholars and experts with specialties in water resources conservation and development.  The Committee members jointly promote and evaluate the Center’s business; members elect the Convener.

Article Seven

    The Center is financially self-support based on relevant laws and regulations.

Article Eight

    Reimbursements and salaries paid to the Center Director and Division Head for administrative duties are based on the University’s rates with funds raised by the Center.

Article Nine

 An annual report is submitted within one month after the academic year is over.

Article Ten

 The University’s regulations and laws are based on for dealing with items not covered.
Article Eleven

 This Rule was passed by the University Administration Meeting to be submitted to the Ministry of Education for approval.